Best Air Fryer for One Person?

Air fryers crisp chicken wings and French fries while using up to 75% less oil. As a result, they promote healthy cooking. Even more impressive is that air fryers deliver the same crisp result as a deep fry. Also, air fryers cook 30% faster than other cooking methods. And that means you will have a ready and healthy meal in minutes. If you usually cook for one, the next relevant question is: what is the best air fryer for one person?

Best air fryer for one person

If you only want to cook a meal for one (your meal) using the air fry function, you will need the best air fryer for one person. Besides featuring the air fry program, the best air fryer features additional cooking programs for unmatched cooking versatility. As such, you will cook various meals with the best air fryer. And their excellent cooking versatility makes them worthy investments. Here, you can read more about what to cook with an air fryer.

Recommended Air Fryers

Finding the best air fryer is a daunting task since the market has plenty of these kitchen appliances. But you can narrow down your choices to the best two air fryers for one person. First, you will need to check for specific features to land the best deal. 

But we’ve taken some time to recommend some air fryers with impressive performance. And they might meet your cooking needs with their excellent cooking capabilities. So, the best air fryers for one person include the following:

COSORI Air Fryer Oven Combo 5.8QT Max XL Large Cooker

COSORI Air Fryer boasts a 5.8-quart cooking capacity. Usually, you would need 1-2 quarts to cook a meal for one. But this air fryer provides additional quarts to make a meal for two or more people. This is a big win, especially if you frequently have guests over for a refreshing dinner.

The impressive cooking capacity allows you to cook a 5-pound chicken right in your kitchen. Therefore, you can cook a meal for 3 – 5 with this air fryer kitchen appliance. Cosori is an air fryer, but it features 12 additional cooking functions. And this makes it a highly versatile kitchen appliance.

The 13 cooking programs allow you to cook 13 various meals with this air fryer. Some meals you could cook with this Cosori are steak, chicken, French Fries, vegetables, seafood, shrimp, root vegetables, bread, desserts, bacon, and frozen foods. Also, you can preheat foods or keep food warm.

Cosori boasts that their top chefs fine-tuned each cooking program to deliver the correct cooking temperature and time. And this removes the guesswork from cooking, resulting in excellent food doneness levels. 

The air fryer features a display with one-touch buttons. These easy-to-use buttons allow you to set your preferred cooking temperature and time, depending on your cooking recipe. Also, these buttons allow you to select a cooking program for your meal.

The air fry function yields crisp results – just what your French Fries need! What’s even more impressive is the air fry program cuts down the cooking time and cooks with less oil. Additionally, the kitchen appliance features 360° hot air circulation technology to cook your meal uniformly in 5 minutes. 

Since the air fry function uses less oil, this kitchen appliance promotes healthy living. The square basket is even detachable for hassle-free washing. Also, the air fry basket is non-stick and dishwasher-safe for effortless cleaning.

Lastly, this unit features a timer function, allowing you to set the cooking time up to 60 minutes. Once the timer stops, the kitchen appliance shuts off automatically. Therefore, this is a worthy kitchen appliance that promotes healthy living.


  • 170°F – 400°F temperature.
  • It promotes healthy living.
  • It comes with 100 recipes.


  • The handle is not sturdy.
  • Steam leaks from the appliance.
  • The warranty period is limited.

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Ninja AF161 Max XL Air Fryer

Ninja AF161 Max XL is another air fryer with a generous cooking space. It features a 5.5-quart cooking capacity – enough space for a 3-pound chicken. Besides cooking chicken wings using the air fry program, it also cooks French Fries. The air fry function cooks fast and uses 75% less oil, making this unit promote healthy living.

The air fryer delivers enough heat to air fry your meals. The temperature that this kitchen appliance generates ranges from 105°F to 450°F. The featured fan rotates at speeds ranging from 1260RMPs to 3100 RPMs to allow the kitchen appliance to cook your meals uniformly and fast.

Even though this kitchen appliance isn’t as versatile as the first unit, it still features 7 cooking programs. And this makes it a versatile kitchen appliance for cooking various meals. Air fry program aside, this unit features bake, reheat, dehydrate, air broil, air roast, and max crisp programs.

The kitchen appliance features a display with one-touch buttons to allow you to select a cooking program. Also, you can use these buttons to set your cooking time and temperature for cooking meals according to your recipe. 

The air fry cooker features the brand’s Max Crisp Technology. This feature allows the air fry to circulate super-heated 450°F hot air within the air fry basket to crisp your French Fries or chicken 30% faster than most air fryers. At the same time, the air fryer uses less oil, thus promoting healthy living.

The air fryer features a ceramic basket. Besides allowing hot air to circulate, it is non-stick and easy to clean. What’s more, the air fry basket is dishwasher-safe. This is another best air fryer for one person since it boasts an enhanced control panel, guilt-free fried meals, and dishwasher-safe accessories. Therefore, it is another excellent buy.


  • It uses 75% less oil.
  • This air fryer cooks 30% faster.
  • It features 7 cooking programs.


  • The non-stick coating isn’t durable.
  • The air fry basket isn’t square.
  • It has no auto-pause.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does an air fryer work?

An air fryer has a concentrated heat source mainly at the top of the cooking appliance. But you can find some air fryers with an additional bottom-positioned heating element. The heating element uses electricity to generate heat. This heat transfers to the air in the air fryer’s cooking chamber, and the air becomes super-hot.

A fast-spinning fan then circulates this super-heated air within the cooking chamber. Since the air fry basket is perforated, it allows the air to penetrate the cooked meal excellently. The circulating hot air delivers a crispy cooking result while keeping the cooking oil usage to a minimum (75% less oil). And that’s how an air fryer crisps chicken and French fries.

How do I clean my air fryer?

After cooking your chicken or French fries, you will clean your air fryer. First, you will allow your kitchen appliance to cool. Then you will remove the air fry basket since it is usually removable. Also, the basket is dishwasher-safe. So, you can wash it in a dishwasher.

But you want to clean the inside of the air fry differently – you will use a damp soapy cloth to wipe the inside of the air fryer. Then, you will carefully wipe the areas around the heating elements to remove grease and food particles from your air fryer. 

You will clean the soap off the inside surface with a damp cloth well wrung before the final cleaning. And that’s all you will do to clean your air fryer kitchen appliance.

How much electricity does the air fry function use?

The air fry wattage is relatively lower than a deep-fry cooking wattage; You can expect an air fryer to use between 800 – 1500 Watts of electricity per hour. But some more powerful air fryers use 1800 watts (this is still lower than the 2500 – 5000 Watts deep fry wattage). 

Since air fry cooks 30% faster than other cooking methods, you can expect your kitchen appliance to use even fewer watts. Therefore, air frying your meals is energy-efficient and uses up to 75% less oil.


You will enjoy a healthy meal containing up to 75% less oil if you invest in the best air fryer for one person. Air fryers use super-heated air to crisp your chicken wings and French fries to yield the same result as a deep-fry cooking.

Also, they consume less electricity since they cook 30% faster. And this makes air fryers cost-effective cooking appliances. Air fryers also use other cooking programs to cook different meals and are thus versatile kitchen appliances.

If you want to cook a meal for one, the best air fryer for one person will serve you well. Besides, these fryers also cook a meal for up to 5 people. That means you can use your cooking appliance to prepare a meal for the visiting guests. So, buy the best air fryer to enjoy perfectly crisped meals containing less oil for a healthy living!