Best Electric Kettle for Elderly

As we get older, kettles can become harder to use. They are heavy and full of burning water that can make brewing a cup of tea a terrifying experience. However, there are a number of great kettles available that make life easier for us as we age. If you are looking for some great recommendations, keep reading to discover the best electric kettle for the elderly.

Great progress has been made when it comes to accessibility for our elderly population. Along with many other kitchen and general living appliances, kettles have been re-designed to ensure our elderly are still able to live safely and independently. These kettles take into account reduced muscle mass and limited mobility adding a new level of ease to the aging process. A kettle that stays cool and offers boil dry protection as well as an automatic shut off feature can make boiling and pouring hot water and safer experience.

Recommended Kettles

From ergonomic kettles that do not require lifting to double-walled kettles that don’t get hot on the outside and always maintain a cool handle, we are sure that one of our listed kettles will meet your needs. Whether it is a present for your grandparents or simply buying a gift for yourself, these kettles will impress you.

Best Electric Kette for Elderly

Uccello Electric Safety Kettle

This kettle utilizes a great safety technology called a tipper. Using a tipper means that the kettle is placed on a tipping device and eliminates the need for the user to lift the kettle. A tipper kettle will reduce the risk of spills and burns and is perfect for people with limited hand strength.


  • This kettle tips instead of being poured. The tipper reduces the risk of dropping your kettle as well as mitigating the risk of burns thanks to the drip free spout
  • Very lite and easy to handle
  • Durable kettle and heating element that will last
  • Has an auto shut off mode when it comes to the boil
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Large capacity of 1.6-quart, perfect for the entertainer
  • Has an external water level indicator so that you can see how much water is in the kettle at a glance


  • It is hard to see the power light
  • Take longer than most kettles to boil

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Secura Double Wall Kettle

This double-wall kettle eliminates the issue of hot surfaces. While this kettle still needs to be picked up and poured, it does not get hot to touch like other kettles. The double-wall feature limits the risk of burns when you accidentally brush your hand against the kettle body


  • Double-wall design makes the exterior cool to touch even when boiled
  • Stainless steel interior is bpa free and will last for years
  • Shuts off automatically once it has boiled
  • This kettle is very easy to use with only two buttons. One for power and one to open the lid
  • Large 1.6-quart capacity
  • Boils in just 6-7 minutes
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Keeps water warm for longer than other kettles due to its double-wall insulation


  • The water level indicator is on the inside of the kettle. Internal gauges may make it hard for people to judge the water level
  • The large capacity could make this kettle hard to lift when full

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Ulalov Electric Kettle

This kettle has a smaller capacity and gooseneck pouring design. The smaller capacity and gooseneck spout makes this kettle much lighter to lift and reduces the risk of spilling water during the pouring process.


  • Gooseneck pouring spout allows for slow, precise pouring reducing the risk of spills
  • Small capacity of 0.8-quart. The smaller capacity makes it lighter to lift than other kettles
  • Kettle weighs just 1.5-pounds (plus the weight of water)
  • Boils in just 2-3 minutes
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Auto shut-off once boiled
  • American design
  • Comes with a 2-year manufacturers warranty


  • The small capacity makes the kettle lighter but is not ideal if you entertain as this kettle only makes 2 cups of coffee or tea
  • The body of the kettle gets very hot once boiled
  • Gooseneck spouts have a sharp point in the end
  • The small capacity makes the kettle lighter but is not ideal if you entertain as this kettle only makes 2 cups of coffee or tea
  • The body of the kettle gets very hot once boiled
  • Gooseneck spouts have a sharp point in the end

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Best Electric Kette for Elderly

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a kettle ideal for the elderly?

When you shop for a kettle for the elderly, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Weight/capacity – If a kettle is heavy, it can be difficult for the elderly to lift.
  • External body temperature – A kettle with a hot body is a burn risk.
  • Handle type – Some handles are much easier to hold than others. The best handle type is specific to each person. Ensure you also look for a handle that does not get hot as the kettle boils.
  • Interface – A simple interface is a good option for the elderly. Having too many buttons and controls can be confusing.
  • Button size – Larger buttons are also easier to see and press as we age.
  • Cord length or whether a cordless kettle is preferable.

I have heard kettle tippers are good options for the elderly. Should I get one?

Kettle tippers are excellent aids for people with limited mobility and reduced hand strength. They are an aid that you attach to your kettle and will lift and pour the kettle for the user. Our first suggestion, the Uccello Electric Safety Kettle utilizes this technology and is a great option.

Is a stovetop kettle safe for the elderly?

For some elderly users, a stovetop kettle would be a safe option. However, as hand strength and mobility often decrease as we age, stovetop kettles pose a number of risks. Stovetop kettles do not have an auto shut-off feature and pose a risk of boiling dry or starting a fire, and the body and handle of these kettles get very hot. Because these kettles use a hot stovetop, the risk of burns also increases. We suggest electric kettles as they are much safer than their stovetop counterparts. Click here to read more about electric kettles vs. stovetop kettles.

Best Electric Kette for Elderly


Kettles come in all shapes and sizes, and there are many options to suit our elderly population. When you buy a kettle for an elderly person additional safety features are highly recommended. Whether that be a kettle tipper, cool-to-touch kettle bodies, or smaller capacities, they will all make a difference to the usability of your new kettle.