Boiling Water for Baby Formula

When people talk about kettles, they usually associate them with making hot drinks or cooking noodles. However, kettles have many other valuable applications ranging from kettles designed for the elderly, kettles that brew tea, camping kettles, travel kettles, and many more. One lesser-known kettle design that plays a vital role in a family’s day-to-day life uses a design that is perfect for boiling water for baby formula.

Boiling water is an essential step to ensure that your baby has safe formula to drink. Boiling the water before using it to make formula from powder ensures that you kill any bacteria present in the water before allowing your baby to drink the water. The bacteria that is sometimes present in un-boiled water is harmful to your baby and may result in them becoming quite unwell.

In the following section, we will list four unique kettles that you can use to heat water for your baby formula. We have included purpose-made kettles as well as cheaper options that still provide good usability. Each kettle has a list of pros and cons that will help you select the perfect kettle for making formula for your infant.

Recommended Kettles

There are a few kettles that offer the perfect functionality to boil water for your baby’s formula. They include kettles explicitly designed for baby formula as well as generic kettles that will accommodate your formula needs as well as any other hot water requirements you may have.

Razorri Electric Kettle

The Razorri Electric Kettle is an excellent option if you are looking for a regular kettle that will also work to heat your water for your baby formula.


  • Very large 57-ounce capacity
  • Use this kettle to boil water for coffee making, tea making, cooking pasta, etc.
  • Keeps the water warm (at a custom temperature) for up to 2-hours allowing for quick formula re-fills
  • Includes six temperature pre-sets so that you do not make the water too hot
  • Boils within 7 minutes
  • Cheaper than purpose-built kettles


  • Does not stay warm for the entire duration of the night/day
  • Some customer reviews indicate the spout of this kettle is prone to dripping water

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Boiling water for baby formula

Elite Electric Glass Kettle

The elite electric glass kettle offers all of the functionality of an ordinary kettle as well as a keep warm feature that will remain on until you turn it off!


  • The temperature dial allows for custom boiling temperature
  • It offers a keep warm feature that stays on until turned off. The keep-warm function makes night feeding a breeze as the water is at the correct temperature and ready to go
  • Large 40-ounce capacity
  • Stylish glass construction
  • BPA-Free
  • Cool-touch handle
  • Manufacturer 1-year warranty
  • Cheapest kettle on this list


  • The elite electric glass kettle does not offer a digital user interface. Instead, this kettle uses a manual dial
  • The body is made from plastic and not metal like other kettles (the jug itself is glass and BPA-free)
  • Some customer reviews indicate the temperature controls are not as accurate as they would like

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Baby Water Kettle

This purpose-made formula heater is excellent for someone who wants the perfect result every time. This kettle provides safe water, but it also heats the formula to the correct temperature, making feeding time a breeze.


  • Dechlorinates water in just 5 minutes
  • Warms pre-prepared milk in 30 seconds
  • Keeps water warm for up to 24 hours
  • Large 40-ounce capacity
  • You can use this kettle to heat water for tea, coffee, etc
  • BPA free


  • Purpose-made kettles are often very expensive

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Formula Ready Kettle

This kettle is great for safety-minded users. The World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines recommend the formula-ready kettle for preparing water for formula while maintaining an easy-to-use interface.


  • The Formula Ready Kettle kills harmful bacteria by continuing to boil for a full minute after coming to the boil.
  • Keeps the water at a safe and warm temperature for up to 24hrs after boiling
  • Adjustable temperature for optimal temperature that will dissolve all different formula brands
  • Large 40-ounce capacity
  • Created by a mom with other mothers’ comfort and ease in mind
  • Cheapest purpose-built kettle on this list


  • Not designed to boil water for other purposes
  • This kettle does not have a dechlorinating feature like the previous kettle. (This model boils the water to kill the chlorine)
  • It takes longer to boil than other similar kettles

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to boil water before using it for baby formula?

Yes, you should always boil water before using it in baby formula. Boiling the water kills off any harmful bacteria that could cause your child to become ill.

Do I need to cool the water again before using it in baby formula?

Yes. Boiled water should be allowed to sit for 20-30 minutes to cool to your child’s body temperature before adding the formula and giving it to your child. If you add the formula powder to boiling water, it will kill the nutrition in the formula.

Can I boil large quantities of water and then store it for future use?

Yes. You can keep sterilized water for future use if you boil the water, then place it in a sterilized bottle with a ring cap in the fridge. However, you should always use pre-prepared water within 24hours of preparing.

Why cant my baby drink cold formula?

Babies can drink cold formula and breast milk! A healthy baby can safely drink cold formula. However, there are three reasons you should boil your water before mixing your formula.

  1. To kill any harmful bacteria in the water before feeding your baby
  2. To fully dissolve the formula powder (formula powder will not dissolve properly in cold water)
  3. Your baby may not drink cold formula, especially if they are used to receiving warm breast milk and formula

Make sure you let your boiling water cool down before adding the formula powder. If you add the powder to your water while it is boiling, it will also kill the nutrition in your formula.

Boiling water for baby formula

Final Thoughts on Boiling Water for Baby Formula

Boiling water for baby formula is a simple process that many parents need to repeat multiple times every day. By purchasing a good kettle that keeps your water warm, you can speed up preparing your formula and gain valuable time to spend bonding with your baby.