Grazing Board Picnic Table

Grazing board picnic tables are fantastic additions to any event. Whether you are hosting a small get-together in the kitchen, a large party on the deck with a grill, or a family day out in the park, a grazing board picnic table is the only item you will need to present the snacks.

With a variety of different designs, there is the perfect board for every situation. Some boards are designed for just two people and come with a wine bottle and glass holders. Others feature larger boards that hold every type of cheese and fruit. With these boards, presenting food has never been easier.

Grazing Board Picnic Table

Recommended Grazing Board Picnic Tables

We have compiled a list including four very different types of grazing board picnic tables. With pros and cons listed for each item and a link that will take you straight to a store that sells them, choosing the perfect grazing board has never been easier.

Wooden 2 in 1 Grazing Board Picnic Table

This 2-in-1 grazing board is ideal for an intimate, romantic outing with your special someone. It is small enough to travel with and easy to set up, making it suitable for a picnic.


  • Wooden construction makes cleaning a breeze; just wipe with a warm, soapy cloth
  • Legs fold down for flat storage and transportation
  • Includes four separate slots for wine glasses
  • Holds up to 15kg
  • Can be used on any surface, including a tabletop, or directly on the ground
  • Includes sunken compartments to hold your food in 5 separate sections for a more aesthetic display


  • A small size that is suitable for small gatherings; larger gatherings may need more than one board (Diameter: 11.8 inches Height: 6.69 inches)
  • Some reviews indicate that customers are unhappy with the finish and suggest that it does not come with a stain coating

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Rectangle Portable Grazing Board Picnic Table

This rectangle grazing board allows for a larger display than the circle board listed above. It holds four wine glasses and has a dedicated space for the wine bottle. This board is perfect for a small group of friends looking for a casual catch-up with a sophisticated feel.


  • Bamboo construction makes cleaning easy; simply wipe with warm soapy water
  • The larger size makes it great for a gathering with friends (17-inch x 12.6 inches and 9-inch high)
  • Legs fold down flat for easy storage and transportation
  • Legs are secured closed with magnets for no fuss, easy pack up
  • Holds four wine glasses plus the wine bottle (The wine bottle holder can be adjusted to suit the size of your wine)
  • Comes with a set of four cheese knives
  • Has built-in cheese knife storage when the board has been unfolded.


  • Heavier item weighing 4.2lbs

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Beach Grazing Board Picnic Table

The ideal board for anyone who loves the beach! With hardwood construction and slats that allow water runoff, this board is perfect for those sunny beach afternoons as a family.


  • Premium hardwood construction makes this item sturdy and easy to clean. Simply wipe clean with warm soapy water and a cloth.
  • Has a large size of 28-inch x 16 inches and 13 inches high
  • Holds four wine glasses and has a center hole to hold your umbrella in place
  • Fold down flat for easy storage and transportation
  • Comes with a carry strap included for easy transportation
  • Has a weather-resistant coating (to keep the finish in pristine condition, store inside when not in use)


  • Heavy item weighing 7lbs
  • The umbrella needs to be purchased separately
  • Most expensive item on this list

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Grazing Board Picnic Table

Bamboo Cheese Grazing Board

Are you looking for something more professional? This cheese board is for you. This board does not come with legs. Instead, it sits flat on the table, giving a more corporate feel for your function. However, don’t let its ability to work at a corporate event stop you from adding a dash of class to your at-home gathering. Add some colors with grapes, apples, and oranges, and you have the makings of a beautiful table centerpiece.


  • Bamboo construction allows for quick and easy cleaning. Simply wipe down with warm soapy water
  • This bamboo grazing board comes with a removable magnetic knife holder (knives included)
  • For your convenience, there are two ceramic serving bowls included for your sauces and dips
  • Comes with six sampler forks to add that extra layer of luxury to your event
  • A matching round bamboo fruit tray is also included in your purchase
  • Good size board measuring 13 x 17 inches. The round board has a diameter of 10 inches


  • The heaviest item on this list, weighing 8.2lbs
  • Some customer reviews indicate that they were not happy with the quality of the sampler forks

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people buy grazing board picnic tables?

People purchase grazing boards to help add something extra to their events. Instead of using the old plate from the back of the cupboard that might look a bit tacky, using a grazing board gives you a clean space to place your food that also looks great.

What do I put in a grazing board?

Anything you want! Some people suggest ensuring you have five categories that include:

  • Sweets (Jellies, honey, fresh fruit, etc.)
  • Salty (slated nuts, cured meat, etc.)
  • Sour (Pickled veggies, balsamic glaze, etc.)
  • Bitter (Kale chips, radishes, etc.)
  • Umami (Cheeses, mushrooms, etc.)
Grazing Board Picnic Table

Where can I use a grazing board picnic table?

What makes these boards great is that you can use them almost anywhere. If you have one with legs, you can use it on the tabletop, on a couch, next to your hot tub, at a picnic in the woods, or even on the beach. Wherever you want to set up a platter, these can be used. Be careful putting boards with no legs on the beach; they are not as good at keeping sand out of the food.


Grazing board picnic tables are a great way to offer your friends, families, and guests some nibbles. Not only do the board make setup and pack up a breeze, but they also make your event feel more inviting and break the ice. Nothing relaxes people more than being able to nibble on some snacks while they mingle.