How to Calculate Serving Size?

You will need a kitchen scale to calculate the serving size accurately. And that’s because it essentially weighs the ingredients you need to prepare a meal. A kitchen scale also allows you to track the number of calories and macronutrients in your prepared meal. 

Whether you’re looking to bulk up meal size or you want to prepare a meal size to help you lose weight, a kitchen scale will be a valuable kitchen appliance. You will appreciate the precision of measurements by a kitchen scale. And this will result in the right amount of meal size that helps achieve your nutritional goal.

You can calculate the serving size by dividing the entire weight of the finished dish by the number of servings. Your recipe will show the number of servings most of the time. For example, you could prepare Green Chile Enchiladas for 6. In this case, you will divide the entire weight of the dish by 6 to get the serving size.

How to Calculate Serving Size 101

A digital kitchen scale will come in handy to help you measure the serving size. You want to opt for a digital kitchen scale since it’s easier to use, and you can configure it to different measuring units. This is something an old-fashioned spring-loaded kitchen scale can’t do.

Whether you want to calculate the serving size in grams or ounces, a digital kitchen scale will help you immensely. Also, you can zero out the container’s weight to measure the serving size precisely and accurately with a digital kitchen scale. 

You could also use measuring cups and spoons to calculate the serving size. This will give you the measuring size in volume. A measuring cup will be essential for measuring liquid foods, such as milk. But a standard measuring cup is ideal for measuring solid foods such as cereals. But a digital scale gives the correct measurements for weight.

Common Obstacles

Digital kitchen scales use batteries to function. Although many include batteries during the purchasing time, a good number of them don’t come with batteries. Also, some kitchen scales drain batteries fast. You might also get an error message such as “Out2” or “LLLL” if your digital kitchen scale requires a recalibration. Also, the sensors of some kitchen scales might not be very sensitive for more accurate readings. Nevertheles, here you can find more information about the most accurate kitchen scales.

Who Can Benefit from Calculating Serving Size?

If you’re bulking up or watching your weight, you can benefit from calculating the serving size. You certainly need to watch the amount of food you put in your body for healthy living. If you’re a bodybuilder, you require a specific serving size to meet your goal. And the same goes for losing weight. Therefore, anyone can benefit from calculating the serving size.

Recommended Scales for Calculating Serving Size

Etekcity Smart Food Nutrition Scale

Etekcity Smart Food Nutrition Scale is high-quality since it boasts stainless steel material. It is one of the best digital scales if you’re looking to lose weight. You can set it to calculate the serving size in grams or ounces. You can even sync it with fitness apps such as Apple Health and Fit Bit.

As a result, you can track nutritional values such as calories, vitamins, proteins, and more. This particular digital kitchen scale even allows you to access its Nutritionix database. Therefore, you can access over 1 million food data to customize your nutritional needs.

Controlling this digital scale is a no-brainer; you will use the VeSync app to convert serving size units or adjust display time. The Tare app also allows you to control the digital scale. And that’s possible even if your smartphone uses iOS or Android.

The digital scale could measure up to 5000 grams in an increment of 1 gram. What’s more impressive is its accurate measurement. Specifically, you have four measurement units: oz/oz: lb./g/ml. If you’re looking for a smart nutritional scale for your diet, this product could help you achieve your goal. Therefore, it’s a worthy investment.


  • It includes a quick start guide.
  • High-quality 304 stainless steel.
  • Accurate measuring values.


  • It drains batteries faster than other models.
  • It has a limited weight capacity

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INEVIFIT Digital Kitchen Scale

INEVIFIT Digital Kitchen Scale also features stainless steel material making it very sturdy. And it’s easy to see why since this digital kitchen scale has an impressive weight capacity of 13 pounds! It is another digital kitchen scale to buy if you’re into physical fitness.

It features a brushed platform where you place your meal to weigh it. Since this kitchen appliance comes with batteries, you’re ready to use it right out of the box. The Auto-off function saves battery as it switches the digital kitchen scale off when you’re not weighing meal sizes.

The Tare function also comes in handy to allow you to measure the net weight of meals accurately. Converting the measurement units is also convenient with the featured four units: g, oz., lb., lb.: oz, and ml. If the battery charge plummets, the digital scale will alert you.

You can measure liquid volumes since milliliter is one of the measurement units. So, you can also measure the serving size of milk. The LCD screen is high-resolution to display the data visibly. And that makes reading the data more accurate.

And to top it off, the digital kitchen scale boasts one of the best customer support. It is an incredibly accurate kitchen appliance for keeping your serving size in check. Therefore, it is another excellent investment, especially if you’re watching your weight.


  • High-quality stainless steel.
  • High-resolution LCD screen.
  • Four measurement units.


  • It drains batteries faster than other models.
  • Packaging could be better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What features of a kitchen scale are most important for calculating serving size?

The platform of a kitchen scale is very important. As such, you want to check its size. Specifically, you want a kitchen scale with a generous platform to hold various meal sizes. Sensitivity is another essential feature. And that’s because you want a kitchen scale that measures the weight of even lighter meals or ingredients.

The display is also important for sure. And you want to ensure it’s large enough and shows data clearly for easy readability. Cleaning is essential. Therefore, choose a digital kitchen scale that’s easy to clean.

Do I really need a scale to calculate serving size?

Yes, you will need a digital kitchen scale to calculate serving size more accurately. Even though measuring cups and spoons also calculate the serving sizes, they aren’t as accurate as digital kitchen scales. Therefore, consider investing in a digital kitchen scale.

What problems can arise if I don’t use a scale and just “eye-ball” my serving sizes?

You might not prepare a consistent meal size if you don’t use a digital kitchen scale. A kitchen scale is often very accurate most of the time, allowing you to use precise amounts of ingredients. As a result, you will prepare consistent meal sizes.

Also, a digital kitchen simplifies meal preparation. That means you might take more time to prepare your favorite meal if you don’t have a kitchen scale. As such, a digital kitchen scale is essential.


A digital kitchen scale accurately calculates the serving size. It is an essential kitchen appliance for anyone watching weight. It also makes meal preparations easier and more consistent. But the market has plenty of digital kitchen scales, and not all of them work efficiently and accurately.

That’s why you will carefully choose a digital kitchen scale that works excellently. You want this kitchen appliance for many reasons. Besides preparing meals in the correct portions, you also want a kitchen scale to shorten meal preparation time. Therefore, buy one and keep your meal serving size in check.