Prodex Space Saver Table Reviews

Prodex Space Saver table reviews tells us that these units of furniture are innovative wonders! They often contain a desk, table, stools, and storage, all in one small space saving unit! They receive rave reviews from people of all lifestyles are incredibly popular among people involved in the Tiny House movement. However, Prodex brand space tables can be hard to find.

Luckily, other brands have also started using innovative design to create furniture that is functional, saves space, and looks great! If you are willing to look at brand outside of Prodex, there are many different designs that suit different lifestyles. Whether you are in a small house and need multi-functional furniture, you’re a minimalist, or you have a family and need furniture that suits everybody from toddler to teenager, a space saving table is a great option.

Prodex Space Saver Reviews

Recommended Space Saver Tables

The Prodex space saver table reviews are not wrong when they say that these units are perfect for every lifestyle. You will find something that you love by looking through the expansive range including a smaller unit that contains a simple table and chairs to a more complete unit that includes a table, draws and stools.

Below we have listed out favorite space saving tables along with a pros and cons list for each that will help you decide which table is best for you.

Suzanne 3-Piece Set

The Suzanne 3-piece set is designed for multi-purpose use. It can be used as a simple counter top with two draws in it’s smallest form, and extended to become a table with two removable stools for your morning breakfast bar. Whether you are in a tiny home or just wanting a bit of extra table space. The Suzanne 3-piece is a fantastic buy.


  • This table boats a solid wood construction
  • The dark coffee color finish suits every kitchen design
  • This tables drop leaf design allows you to expand your small countertop into a tabletop
  • This table takes up minimal space by storing its two stools within the table itself
  • Two draws are built into the table for additional storage
  • Includes a towel holder on one end of the table
  • Sits on wheels for easy re-location


  • You will need to assemble the table once it is delivered
  • Stools only accommodate 200lbs each
  • Warranty for replacement parts is only 60 days

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DINAZA Folding Table

This table is perfect for the kitchen. Not only does it fold out ro include four place settings, it also comes with four stools and storage for your crockery. If you are low in cupboard space, this table could be what your kitchen needs.


  • This folding table includes four place settings
  • This tables comes with four stools included
  • The table utilizes wheels for easy re-location
  • Including a drop leaf design means you can fold the table down into a small size and then expand it again when you need the extra space
  • Includes two-tier storage in the centre of the table
  • The company offers and 18-month warranty when you purchase through them


  • You will need to assemble the unit upon delivery (but don’t worry, it isn’t that hard!)

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Yaheetech 5-piece

This 5-piece set is perfect for someone who enjoys simplicity. This table does not include any additional storage space, but it does include a table and four stools. It is designed for simplicity and elegance.


  • This table is large enough to fit four people at the table
  • The table comes with four stools included
  • Strong construction with metal legs and wooded tabletop
  • Aesthetically pleasing grey finish that looks great in most room designs


  • Stools hold only 175lbs
  • Item is heavy (54lbs) and does not come with wheels

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Signature Design Space Saving Table

This space saving table has an elegance the others can’t compete with. With a dark grey finish and cushion topped stools, this table is ideal for someone looking to make their kitchen look designer.


  • Beautiful dark grey finish that suits most kitchens
  • This unit includes two cushioned stools in your purchase
  • Luxurious look with nailhead trim on both stools
  • Shelving on one end for extra storage space. Perfect for books, glassware, china, or decorative plants.


  • Only seats two people at a time
  • Assembly required upon delivery
  • Very heavy (101lbs) and does not include wheels

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are space saving tables good for small homes?

Space saving tables are perfect for small homes because they have multiple purposes with just one unit. Instead of needing to buy a breakfast bar, table, and bookshelf, you can purchase just one space saving table! This helps keep your room decluttered and looking elegant.

Are there many different designs of space saving tables?

Absolutely! There are many different designs of space saving tables that are built to serve different purposes. Some will include just one or two functions where others will integrate four or five. It all depends on what you need and the table you think will work best for you.

Is there other space saving furniture available?

Yes, space saving furniture includes more than just tables. There are also designs that turn beds into desks, sofas into beds, and stairs into a bookshelf! There is endless amounts of innovation when it comes to space saving furniture and it is worth looking into if you have a small house. Next time you look at the Prodex Space Saver Table reviews, check out the other innovative furniture in the space saving range!


Prodex space saving tables are a fantastic way to clear the clutter in your home. Whether you live in a tiny house and space saving furniture is a necessity or you have a large house and you like having open spaces, space saving tables are fantastic units that are perfect for all lifestyles. Not only do the designs look great, they also offer multiple uses and create excellent functionality in your home.