What Is the Best Kitchen Scale for Weight Loss?

Losing some weight requires you to portion your meals accurately. But you will need to weigh your ingredients to specific weights to prepare the right food portion. That’s where the best kitchen scale for weight loss comes in handy. The next question is: what is the best kitchen scale for weight loss?

The best kitchen scale for weight loss has advanced sensors to deliver measurement results accurately and instantly. Also, it features multiple measurement units, allowing you to choose the most convenient unit. As a result, you will measure ingredients accurately to help you prepare the correct food portion for weight loss.

Why Are Some Scales Better for Losing Weight Than Others?

Some kitchen scales feature the Tare function. The Tare function removes the container’s weight. And the weight result showing on the LCD screen is only for the ingredients. Also, some kitchen scales have high-accuracy sensors that deliver accurate results instantaneously. If you have the Tare function and advanced sensors, you get a kitchen scale that’s best for weight loss.

What Features Matter Most When Buying a Kitchen Scale for Weight Loss?

If you’re looking to buy the best kitchen scale to help you lose some weight, you will consider these features:


Measurement accuracy is probably the number one feature you want to consider before buying a kitchen scale. A highly accurate kitchen scale tells you exactly the quantity of the ingredients you need to prepare a meal that helps you keep your weight in check.

Also, you will use an accurate kitchen scale to portion your food. But accuracy depends on advanced sensors. The kitchen scale will accurately measure even smaller ingredients if the sensors work efficiently. Therefore, consider buying kitchen scales with very accurate sensors. Click here to read more about what’s the most precise kitchen scale.

Size Of the Weighing Platform

You will place your ingredients on the weighing platform to determine how much they weigh. Sometimes, you might place a large container with ingredients to weigh what’s in the container. As such, you should check the size of the platform.

A kitchen scale with a large platform accommodates ingredients or containers of various sizes. You want a platform accommodating even larger containers with ingredients or food inside. Therefore, look for a kitchen scale with a large weighing platform.

Weight Capacity

Foods and ingredients place some weight on the platform of a kitchen scale. As a result, the kitchen scale gives the weight measurement in your chosen unit of measurement. But kitchen scales can only tolerate ingredients of up to a given weight.

Kitchen scales handle various weights, depending on their weight capacities. Many kitchen scales have a 10-pound weight capacity, meaning they can weigh ingredients of up to 10 pounds. But a few kitchen scales handle up to 12 pounds. If you’re likely to weigh heavy ingredients, you want to pick a kitchen scale with over 10 pounds as the weight carrying capacity.


Digital kitchen scales usually feature LCD screens. But these screens differ across the board. That’s why you want to check the LCD screens. You want to look for a crisp LCD screen since reading measurement values from such a screen is easy.

Specifically, you want to check if the LCD screen has backlit performance for easy readability even in the dark. Also, you want to look for widescreen LCDs for impressive visualization of the weight measurements. If you consider these features, your kitchen scale will have excellent readability.

Ease Of Cleaning

You will probably clean your kitchen scale after weighing specific foods on the platform. That means you want to ensure your preferred kitchen scale is effortless to clean and takes a short time to clean. Some kitchen scales only require a simple wipe of the platform with a damp cloth. 

These are the kitchen scales you want to pick since they are very easy to clean. Also, they take a short time to clean.


The auto-shutoff feature allows the kitchen scale to switch off automatically when inactive. As a result, the kitchen scale will conserve battery power. Therefore, check for the auto-shutoff feature.

Tare Function

The Tare function increases measurement accuracy since it subtracts the weight of the container from the measurement result. That means what’s appearing on your backlit LCD screen is the weight of the ingredients in the container. Therefore, check for the Tare function when buying a kitchen scale.

What are the best kitchen scales for weight loss?

Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale

AmazonBasics is a high-quality digital kitchen scale that will serve you for many years to help you achieve your weight loss goal. It boasts stainless steel material that makes it very durable and excellent performing. High-quality material aside, this kitchen scale features a widescreen LCD screen.

The screen allows you to read the measurement values accurately and efficiently. Also, the kitchen scale automatically converts units of measurement to ounces, grams, kilograms, and pounds. As a result, you will weigh your ingredients with unmatched accuracy.

As you might expect from a highly accurate digital kitchen scale, this kitchen scale features a spacious weighing platform. Therefore, you can place larger bowls on this weighing platform and get highly accurate measurement values. 

What’s impressive about this digital kitchen scale is its impressive weight capacity of 11 pounds. This incredible carrying capacity means you can weigh bulky ingredients on this kitchen scale without damaging it.

The advanced sensor technology still delivers quick, highly accurate weight value even if you place a bulky bowl on the weighing platform. Therefore, this is a very accurate kitchen scale that will help you achieve your weight loss goal.

The featured Tare button increases weight measurement accuracy since it allows you to subtract the container’s weight. The weighing platform isn’t only spacious; it is also BPA-free, making this kitchen scale safe for use. Since this kitchen scale uses batteries to function, it includes two AAA batteries so you can use it right out of the box.

The compact design of this kitchen tool ensures it saves plenty of storage space. Also, this unit takes up minimal kitchen counter space. You will wipe the weighing platform with a damp cloth to clean it. Therefore, cleaning the kitchen scale is effortless and takes a short time.

If you want to weigh your ingredients quickly and with accuracy, you have this digital kitchen scale to pick. AmazonBasics is a kitchen scale you can rely on to help you lose weight.


  • Advanced sensor technology
  • 11 pounds weight capacity.
  • Easy to read LCD screen.


  • It has no automatic shutoff.
  • The batteries could be more durable.

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Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale

This Etekcity kitchen scale features upgraded high-accuracy sensors to weigh your ingredients accurately. Also, the sensors ensure this kitchen scale delivers accurate measurements instantly. The kitchen scale delivers measurement results in four units of measurement: oz, lb, g, fl’oz, and mL.

The mL unit comes in handy to weigh milk and other liquid ingredients or foods. Also, the fl’oz unit is for measuring liquids. At the same time, the rest of the units are ideal for weighing solid ingredients. You can easily switch from one weight measurement unit to the next with the press of the unit button.

You can weigh both liquid and solid ingredients on this kitchen scale with such measurement units. The kitchen scale features an easy-to-read backlit LCD screen for precise readings. The backlit performance ensures you can take the weight readings of your ingredients more accurately.

The kitchen scale can handle weights of up to 11 pounds. Therefore, you can weigh heavy ingredients without damaging this digital kitchen scale. The Tare function increases the weighing accuracy by removing the container’s weight from the reading. 

As a result, your kitchen scale only displays the weight of the ingredients in the container. The kitchen scale measures ingredients in a 1g increment. And this means it measures ingredients even more precisely. With this accuracy, you will portion your food exactly how you want it.

A kitchen scale measures ingredients more accurately if it doesn’t skid on the counter. That’s why this kitchen scale features anti-skid pads. The kitchen scale even comes with two CR2032 Batteries for use right out of the box. Since this kitchen scale helps you measure ingredients precisely for accurate food portioning, it will help you lose weight if that is your goal.


  • Very accurate measurements.
  • Backlit LCD Display.
  • Excellent Auto-shutoff.


  • The customer service is not very efficient.
  • The batteries could last longer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a kitchen scale help me to lose weight?

A kitchen scale tells you the actual serving of food on your plate. Since the kitchen scale weighs your food accurately, it allows you to calculate the calories, proteins, and carbs in your food. You can then regulate how much of these nutrients you consume to achieve your weight loss goal. Therefore, a kitchen scale can help you eat the food portion to help you lose some weight.

What is the single most important feature to consider when buying a kitchen scale for weight loss?

Accuracy is the most important feature you want to check before buying a digital kitchen scale. A kitchen scale with advanced sensors will measure ingredients accurately and instantly. Also, such a kitchen scale will measure even a tiny bit of ingredients to give accurate weight measurement. Therefore, consider kitchen scales with advanced sensors since they are usually very accurate.


You will achieve your weight loss goal if you cook the right food portion for weight loss. And a kitchen scale for weight loss will help you in your journey. Since a kitchen scale measures ingredients to the accurate weight in 0.04 oz increment, you will be sure to prepare food with the right nutrients portion. Therefore, invest in the best kitchen scale for weight loss to help you achieve your goal.