What is the best rechargeable kitchen scale?

If you are planning to jump on the weight-loss bandwagon, then you must always be on the lookout for some new diets to try or new equipment to experiment with that could assist you in shedding those extra pounds. A kitchen scale can help you do just that, however, a rechargeable kitchen scale can make your experience all the better. There is no headache of changing batteries or taking a reading manually. You can just charge it when it is running low on battery and you are good to go. 

Rechargeable kitchen scales are very convenient. But some are better than others.

If keeping a check on your calorie intake is not your thing, then you can use a kitchen scale to measure out the exact amount of ingredients to bake cookies or cakes. You can also employ it to measure ingredients for your daily cooking recipes to ensure that you have a recipe for success every time. There are many rechargeable kitchen scales that are available in stores and online, such as Salter eco bamboo and Zwilling Enfinigy kitchen scale. To determine which one is better, you have to analyze each scale on its own.

What Features Should I Consider When Buying a Rechargeable Scale?

There are some points that you should keep in mind when going out to buy a rechargeable kitchen scale. Some of the features that can make or break your decision to pick the best rechargeable kitchen scale are mentioned below:

  • Accuracy: Accuracy entails that you get the same reading every time you weigh the same amount of the same ingredient. The reading must also be as close to the original weight of the ingredient as possible. Here you can find out what is the best kitchen scale for accuracy.
  • Battery life: For the rechargeable kitchen scales, you must check how long the battery will last before it is needed to be charged again. 
  • Measuring range: Keep in mind the smallest amount and the maximum amount of weight that you will need to measure on your kitchen scale. This way you can get the right scale for yourself within that range.
  • Its look: If you are looking for a kitchen scale that you can put away easily, then look for the ones that are sleek, not too large, and can slide in a drawer. You can also pick out a kitchen scale that has a ‘pull-out display’ or a ‘hold’ feature. By pressing the ‘hold’ button. You can freeze the reading even after you remove the weighed item.
  • Easy to clean: Some kitchen scales come with a detachable plate or bowl that you can clean after you are done using them. This ensures easy clean-up. Other than this, scales that have a stainless-steel plate can also be easily wiped. Whereas, the water-proof ones can be submerged in water for cleaning purposes. 

How Long Will the Battery Last?

For an average rechargeable kitchen scale, the battery can last up to a week, if it is used under normal circumstances. But, the good thing about rechargeable kitchen scales is that you can plug them in whenever they need to get charged. 

What are the best rechargeable kitchen scales?

Salter Eco Bamboo Rechargeable Kitchen Scale


  • This is an Eco-friendly scale that is majorly made up of bamboo and only 2.5% of plastic. It is also rechargeable which means that there is no need for harmful batteries that are a hazard to the environment once they are disposed of. 
  • This scale has an ‘add and weigh’ function. This allows you to add ingredients one by one and take the reading accordingly.
  • You can also toggle between different measuring units.


  • Some people may find it too complex to use. 
  • It might register the weight a bit later after something is placed on it. 

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Etekcity Rechargeable Kitchen Scale


  • It is very accurate and easy to use as well. You can easily switch between different measuring units by pressing a single button. 
  • It comes with a USB – C cable for charging. There is no need for batteries in this kitchen scale.  
  •  It has a detachable bowl so that you can utilize the flat part of the scale for measuring.


  • Water splash or wiping the scale with a damp washcloth might damage the battery of the kitchen scale.
  • The product is made in China, so it is not easy to contact the manufacturer in case of a malfunction. 

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Elehealthy Rechargeable Digital Food Scale


  • The scale is equipped with anti-fingerprint technology and it is made of stainless steel which makes for easy cleaning.
  • You can use the scale while it is charging.
  • It has four high-precision sensors, therefore, it gives an accurate reading. 


  • Some people may find it difficult to take the reading.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to spend a fortune to get a good quality rechargeable kitchen scale?

No, you do not have to put down a lot of money to get a good quality rechargeable kitchen scale. 

Are the most expensive scales always the best?

It is not necessary that the more expensive scale works better than its cheaper counterpart. 


A good kitchen scale can become your go-to tool in the kitchen. Whether you want to track your calories or whip up a delicious recipe, a kitchen scale can come in handy at all times. A rechargeable kitchen scale can prevent you from the hassle of replacing batteries and spending your hard-earned money on buying them. Therefore, by switching to a rechargeable kitchen scale, you are making a small contribution to preserve the environment.