What Is the Fastest Boiling Electric Kettle?

You might ask yourself: what is the fastest boiling electric kettle? When shopping, the boiling time is one of the factors you will consider in an electric kettle. Then you will move to other factors such as the material quality and the water holding capacity of the electric kettle. But again, how do you know you’ve bought the fastest boiling electric kettle?

An electric kettle that boils water in less than 5 minutes is a fast-boiling electric kettle. But one that takes even fewer minutes is the fastest boiling electric kettle. So, opt for an electric kettle that boils more cups of water in fewer minutes.

Recommended Kettles

what is the fastest boiling electric kettle

With a market full of electric kettles when not all kettles boil water fast, here are the top picks for the fastest boiling electric kettles:

Mueller M99S 1500W Ultra Kettle

If you’re looking for the fastest boiling electric kettle, this Mueller M99S 1500W electric kettle will impress you with its SpeedBoil Tech. The SpeedBoil circuitry in this electric kettle delivers incredible amounts of electric energy to the 1500W heating elements. 

With the heating elements receiving intense electric energy from a circuit that can handle incredible power, this electric kettle boils water in minutes. Therefore, this is one of the fastest boiling electric kettles.

Fastest boiling performance aside, this electric kettle boasts an excellent construction. The carafe features a borosilicate glass with a 304 stainless steel bottom. While the glass carafe withstands incredibly high temperatures, the stainless steel material transfers heat from the heating elements uniformly.

At the same time, these construction materials remain BPA-free and non-toxic for safe tea or coffee! Also, the intuitive design incorporates an intelligent LED illumination for hassle-free operation. 

The top switch makes this electric kettle intuitive, while the dynamic LED light lets you know when tea is ready – the LED light shuts off automatically when the water has boiled. Aside from intuitiveness, this electric kettle has plenty of safety features.

First, it features the boil-dry feature for an automatic shut-off when the water has boiled. Also, the concealed heating elements provide a shock-free performance. And finally, the handle is anti-slip. Also, the cordless design means you can take your kettle off the power base to serve guests. Overall, this is an electric kettle to buy if rapid boiling is what you want.


  • SpeedBoil Technology.
  • 1.8L capacity.
  • Auto shut-off


  • The lid jams easily.
  • The bottom might rust.

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Hamilton Beach Glass Electric Water Boiler & Heater

This Hamilton Beach electric kettle yields speedy results since it features 1500W heating elements. Even if you fill the 1L carafe with water, this unit will boil the water in minutes, meaning you will have hot water for tea or pour-over coffee quickly.

What’s more, it comes with a power base for cord-free performance. And this means you can remove this kettle from its base and carry it to the coffee table. But this is no ordinary power base as it features an integrated cord wrap; this is one feature you will appreciate when storing this electric kettle after usage. 

Additionally, the material quality is high, with glass being the main material though it has stainless steel accents. The materials are toxin-free. Add this benefit to the boil-dry protection, and you have yourself a safe electric kettle.

The glass kettle is also compact and takes up less kitchen countertop space. The space-saving design doesn’t compromise cleaning since this unit features a wide opening for easy cleaning. Most electric kettles don’t feature a filter, but this one does. You can read more about the best electric glass kettles here.

It features a removable built-in filter for anti-scale water boiling performance. The featured LED illumination adds a touch of beauty while letting you know when hot water is ready; it shuts off automatically when the kettle has boiled the water.

The powerful heating elements yield sufficient heat to boil the water in minutes. Therefore, this is another answer to the question: what is the fastest boiling electric kettle? So, consider this electric kettle, especially if you want to boil or heat 1L of water.


  • Speedy boiling results.
  • Auto shut-off.
  • Boil dry protection.


  • This kettle might be too small for some people (only 1lt capacity)
  • Not for leftys: the fill lines are drawn on one-side only, so you have to pick the kettle up with your right hand to see the lines.

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Chefman Rapid-Boil Electric Kettle

If making tea or coffee in 3 minutes is what you want, this Chefman Rapid-Boil Electric Kettle yields this impressive result at the flip of its power button. Featuring 1500W heating elements, this electric kettle boils 2 cups of water in 3 minutes.

But even if you fill its 1.8L carafe with water, you can still have hot water shortly. To be precise, it boils carafe-full water in 7 minutes, which is still an impressive feat. Therefore, this is another answer to the question: what is the fastest boiling electric kettle?

Aside from fast boiling, the stainless steel construction makes this electric kettle high-quality. As a result, this kitchen appliance will serve you for years. There is a marked easy-view water window under the non-slip handle with a scale ranging from 3 cups to 7 cups.

The intuitive LED lights add a modern touch to the overall design besides providing safety functionality. The LED lights illuminate the water gauge. At the same time, these lights indicate power and heating.

Safety is another well-thought-out feature. Specifically, this electric kettle features boil-dry protection, resulting in automatic shut-off if the water reaches the boiling point. Also, this feature automatically turns the unit off if the water level is critically low.

You can serve your guests anywhere since the kettle lifts off the power base. And this makes it a cordless electric kettle with fast-boiling performance. These features make it an electric kettle worth buying, especially if you want to boil water in 7 minutes.


  • It boils water in 3 minutes.
  • 1.8L capacity.
  • Auto shut-off protection.


  • The handle could be more durable.

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Culinary Obsession Glass Electric Kettle

The first feature that makes this electric kettle one of the most sought-after units is its impressive 1.8L carafe. This remarkable capacity means you can prepare 7.6 cups of tea with this Culinary Obsession electric kettle.

Aside from the capacity, the rapid boiling performance is another feature that woos many users. The glass carafe has a water gauge on one side, and the scale of this water gauge ranges from 0.5L to 1.8L. And if you fill the carafe to the Min water level, this electric kettle boils the water in 2 minutes!

But if you fill this kettle with water, the boiling time goes up to 6 minutes; still an impressive performance! So, this is one glass kettle you want to buy if you want to enjoy a hot, steamy tea or coffee in slightly over 5 minutes.

Cleaning inside the glass is easy since the lid hinges open to 90°. Aside from the wide-open lid, the spout of this kettle is plastic-free. And this maintains the tasty flavors of your tea since no plastic leaves a taste in your drink.

Like many electric kettles, this one features a power base. But this power base has a 26-inch power cable, making this electric kettle stand out more! Additionally, the cord wrap under this power base hides the cable for compact storage.

The auto shut-off feature improves safety; it turns this unit off if the water has boiled. Also, it turns with the kettle off if the water level falls below the Min line. With its rapid boil design, culinary-grade stainless steel, and high-strength borosilicate glass, this is an electric kettle you can’t ignore as it’s one of the best kitchen appliances.


  • Rapid boil technology.
  • 1.8L capacity.
  • High-quality construction.


  • Limited warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the fastest boiling electric kettle take to boil water for tea or coffee?

The fastest boiling electric kettle takes 4.5 minutes to boil the water. But this boiling time maxes out at 7 minutes. But the boiling time depends on the water level in the electric kettle; your kettle will take fewer minutes with decreasing water level.

Is the fastest boiling electric kettle dishwasher-safe?

Your fastest boiling electric kettle isn’t dishwasher-safe. That means you can wash it with a dishwasher. Instead, you want to clean it by hand. Generally, you will clean it with baking soda after letting the carafe sit for 10 minutes. Then you will scrub the insides with a soft sponge and rinse off the soap.

Does my fast-boil electric kettle have a filter?

Electric kettles vary across the board, including the fastest boiling electric kettles. You can expect some to include a filter even when most don’t include this accessory. The models that include a filter ensure no particle pours over into your cup with the hot water.

At the same time, their filters are usually removable for washing. So, opt for a unit with a filter to sieve the hot water from your electric heater.


If you want to boil water to make tea or coffee in as short as 3 minutes, you can buy the fastest boiling electric kettle. Of course, your electric kettle will take longer than 3 minutes if you fill it up to the Max line. But the boiling time never clocks over 7 minutes, making them boil water faster than many kitchen appliances.

Fortunately, you no longer have to scour the web for the best electric kettle with rapid heating since we’ve answered the question: what is the fastest boiling electric kettle? So, invest in the fastest boiling electric kettle to enjoy hot coffee or tea in minutes.